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Sonic Brush For Kids

Sonic Brush For Kids

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Power of the mouthpiece

Introducing an extraordinary dental hygiene solution: the world's first toothbrush designed to thoroughly clean every part of your teeth. Utilizing extra soft silicone bristles, this innovative toothbrush covers the entire surface of your teeth, ensuring a comprehensive clean.


Can I use it if I have braces?

Yes, the silicone bristles are extra soft, and it won't damage your braces. Just as with a regular toothbrush, additional flossing is recommended.

Is there different sizes for the brush?

Yes, We have brush head for kids and adults

3-6 years

7-12 years

12+ yeads

How soft is the brush head

The bristles are made of silicone reinforced softness grade. They are soft as regular soft toothbrush. It is designed to not hurt your gums and teeth and avoid sensitivity.

How long does the mouthpiece lasts?

Mouthpiece usually lasts up to 3 month per regular use(2x daily).

Where does the brush ships from?

All of our Sonic Brush products are shipped from Chicago store.